Real comments from parents just like you!

"Changing diapers is a dirty job but someone has to do it! The good news is it doesn't have to be a stinky one when you use these scented Poopsy Daisy diaper disposal bags.  Other diaper disposal systems may claim to reduce odour but this product does the job better!"

Laura, mother of three

Sudbury, Ontario   

"Poopsy Daisy bags are so great! They have a nice mild smell that easily covers a poopy diaper. They are very convenient to use too, dirty diaper goes right in it and then I can put it in my diaper genie. No smells coming out of the diaper genie anymore."

Sara, new mom 

Aurora, Ontario 

"Poopsy Daisy disposal bags have been a lifesaver!  Compact, convenient and even smell nice!  They travel easily in my diaper bag, purse or even my pocket!  Good length handles for tying and carrying to the garbage.  And sturdy for when my toddler wants to “help”.  A happy addition to our nappy changing routine!!"

Busy mom of many boys!

"I love these bags! They’re so convenient to use and completely block the smell. They’re big enough that there is lots of room inside. I also like that they don’t rip by the time I open them like some others I have tried. Great product!"

Karen, mother of two boys 

Aurora, Ontario  

"My name is Kristy, and I have been working as an early childhood educator for 15 years. We've always had a problem with dirty diaper storage, then we discovered Poopsy Daisy scented diaper [disposal] bags, which was a real life saver! The staff at our day care love using this product, and parents are even asking where they can buy them. There is definitely a big demand!"

Kristina, Early Childhood Educator 

Etobicoke, Ontario 

"I was really surprised by how convenient the Poopsy Daisy diaper disposal bags are, especially when Lily was making those lovely newborn messes! It was so easy to contain it all and the scented bags really do their job. I hope to see these in stores and restrooms soon" 

Hailey Faye

Markstay, Ontario 

"Love the Poopsy Daisy bags! They are great on the go and at home too. They hide any scents and odours and make clean up much easier".

First time mom from Aurora, Ontario

"These bags are great for the dirtier diapers my baby creates. I like that I can immediately get dirty diapers out of the reach of both my nostrils and my baby's hands. They are convenient and help to contain the mess quickly and easily. Great for home use or can easily be thrown in the diaper bag for when you're out. I'd definitely recommend them".

New mom on the go