I smile when I think about my two little girls running around in diapers in the warm Australian sun. It was second nature to reach for a box of Nappy Sacks™ at change time; but when our family made the move back to Canada, I didn't realize how hard I had to look to find my beloved diaper bag staple-those little scented diaper disposal bags. 

After months of searching the pharmacies and shopping online, only to find a small selection of product currently available to Canadians, I began to develop the Poopsy Daisy™ brand.   

Having a new baby is a special time; our goal was to give to other parents the convenience we had experienced overseas, by providing an affordable alternative to baby diaper disposal. My husband and I began handing out samples, and receiving great feedback from parents of preschoolers, family and friends.

Taking into consideration how often we found ourselves out and about with the kids, we have developed the first ever Canadian, commercial use diaper disposal system for day care centres and public baby change areas.  All our products are carefully chosen, environmentally friendly, and tested to be tried and true.

So here are some of our less mess solutions, consider them a gift from our family to yours!

- Angela Sacco 


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