Frequently asked questions

Can I put Poopsy Daisy bags in my green bin ?

Each city's green bin program has different requirements. Some may not allow disposable diapers, while others may allow the diapers but not the wipes. While the bags are degradable, they are not considered 'compostable' (which means by definition they do not entirely break down in under 6 weeks). We encourage you to phone your municipality to find out for certain.  

Are Poopsy Daisy bags compostable ?

Poopsy Daisy bags contain an oxy biodegradable additive which helps them to decompose much faster than standard polyurethene (plastic) bags. On average, this time frame is about one year but varies, depending on conditions. 

How many diapers can I put in one bag ?

Each bag is meant to hold one baby diaper. 

Can I use them with my Diaper genie?

While so many parents love Poopsy Daisy bags so much that they actually replace them for their diaper genie, the answer is Yes, you can use them together! Many parents who already have a diaper genie at home choose to use Poopsy Daisy bags to individually seal each diaper, before disposing of them inside the diaper genie. This helps to contain the odours much more effectively then simply using the diaper genie on its own. Poopsy Daisy bags are not meant to replace the diaper genie refills however. 

Can I use Poopsy Daisy bags for other things?

Poopsy Daisy bags are OK to use for pet waste disposal. They also seal in wetness, should you have soiled clothing or cloth diapers to transport. They are not 'food grade' safe however, so please use alternative bags or containers to transport food. 

Do you have a smaller version for the diaper bag?

Most parents need diaper disposal bags 'on the go' and we are definitely looking into making a portable version of Poopsy Daisy for the diaper bag! In the meantime, we recommend using a small make up case, travel bag, or portable baby wipes dispenser to put a few bags in to take with you when you're out and about.