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About Us


Less Mess Solutions is a family owned Canadian business that understands that convenience is key in today's busy households! We are proud to introduce our revolutionary new baby care product, Poopsy Daisy Diaper Disposal Bags; a Practical, Affordable and  Eco Friendly Solution to baby diaper change and disposal. 

Our product was sourced from necessity, and tested to meet the standards of real parents and caregivers. Whether it’s at home, day care, or any public baby-change area, let us help make your everyday life a little easier and a little LESS messy! 

Try Poopsy Daisy out for yourself! You'll wonder how you ever went without it! 


Less Mess for the Environment

     Why should convenience for you equal being bad for the environment? Poopsy Daisy diaper disposal bags are bio-degradable, so you can feel good about using them. That’s one LESS thing for you to worry about!

Less Mess at Home

  We come in contact with unpleasant odour causing bacteria every day in our home. If you have little ones then our diaper disposal bags are perfect for you!  Try them out for yourself and start making your home a cleaner, healthier, happier place to be!

Less Mess on the Go

 There's nothing worse than being caught off guard... When you’re out and about with baby and nature calls, opt for LESS embarrassment, LESS stress, and LESS mess. Reclaim your confidence starting today!     

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